Private Equity Summit Boston 2021

In preparation

When Private Equity Transforms Business And Fosters Innovation

86 experts sharing about Private Equity and Private Debt investment strategies

Attended by leading GPs, LPs and C-level advisors froms 27 countries to ensure a high level exchange and networking

24 different panels supported by influential Private Equity media and research firms


Lessons from Private Equity (some) Companies have learned

The Venture Capital Cycle – Financing and Nurturing Innovation in Challenging Times

A League of their Own(er) – Sports Franchises and Private Equity Investors

Multiple Science – PE Research that drives Returns

HERoes – A Many Women’s Quest for a PE Track Record

Return (to) Transparency

The VC to Lead – Some Lessons from the Valley

2/20 – Mercury News and the Case for Transparent Reporting

The Message – Telecom Transactions and PE Sponsors

Consumer Report – Private Equity and FMCGs

SPACtecular Returns? IPOs in 2021

Multiple Science – Unicorn Valuation

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